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Deciduous Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Deciduous Bonsai Trees.

Most of the broadleaf trees are deciduous i.e. they put out new leaves in the Spring and shed them in autumn. The leaves are usually fresh green or red when they emerge in the Spring and take on their autumn tints in the Fall. Even without their leaves in winter, they are stunning to look. Indeed many important bonsai exhibitions are held in winter just to display the delicate silhouette images of these trees.

They are very easy to grow, but you must keep them well watered in the summer. In winter they need very little attention.

Latest - Sorry if many of the deciduous trees are now sold. With the shortage of supply of imported Japanese trees during the past year, all our stock from previous years are in great demand. We are having to grow our own and this takes time!
Our Products
Hawthorn | Bare Root Material
This is a field grown Hawthorn, COLLECTION ONLY.
Large Cedar of Lebanon Garden Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Large Cedar of Lebanon grown on the Herons Nursery. You can pick the one you like from the nursery.
Korean Hornbeam | £1,740 | Oval ceramic pot | Herons Bonsai
Beautiful Korean Hornbeam approximately 41cm tall and in an oval ceramic pot. This photo was taken in April.
Wisteria Starter Material
Wisteria Starter Material, approximately 10-15cm tall (bottom of pot to top of tree) in a flower pot ready for you to grow on.
Large Chinese Privet | COLLECTION ONLY
Large Common Privet Bonsai planted in an oval plastic pot. Approximately 75-80cm tall. Due to the size of this tree it needs to be collected from the Nursery.
Zelkova Bonsai Tree | Root over Rock
Lovely Outdoor Root Over Rock Zelkova Bonsai Tree approximately 29-31cm tall.
Large Larch Field Grown Material | COLLECTION ONLY
Large Larch Tree field grown material. This is a COLLECTION ONLY ITEM due to its size.
Large Hornbeam | COLLECTION ONLY
Stunning Large Hornbeam Bonsai Tree, stands approximately 110-113cm tall and in an oval plastic bonsai pot.
Outdoor Ash Bonsai Tree
Outdoor Ash Bonsai Tree 57-60cm tall and in a plastic pot.
Ginkgo Biloba Bonsai Tree
Outdoor Deciduous Ginkgo Biloba Bonsai tree in a plastic pot approximately 60-63cm tall.
Chinese Quince ‘Pseudocydonia sinensis’
This is a lovely flowering Chinese Quince, approximately 41-46cm tall. Planted in an oval ceramic bonsai pot.
Edible Fig Starter Tree Material
Edible Fig Starter Tree Material approximately 20-25cm tall.
Japanese Larch Bonsai Tree
Lovely Japanese Larch bonsai tree, approximately 50-52cm tall in an unglazed ceramic bonsai pot. These make lovely outdoor deciduous trees.
Pseudolarix amabilis ‘Chinese Larch’ | Herons Bonsai
Chinese Larch bonsai trees, approximately 23-30cm tall planted in a ceramic Bonsai pot. Please note tree shape and size will vary.
Cornus | Dogwood Bonsai Tree
This lovely large Dogwood Bonsai Tree approximately 70-75cm tall in plastic pot.
Chinese Quince ‘Pseudocydonia sinensis’
This is a lovely flowering Chinese Quince looks just as impressive without any foliage on it, approximately 25-36cm tall. Planted in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Silver Birch 'Betula pendular' Bonsai Tree
Silver Birch 'Betula pendular' Bonsai Tree approximately 34-40cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Cornus Mas, Cornelian Cherry | Bare Root Material
This is a field grown Cornelian Cherry (Dogwood) sent as bare root material.
Korean Hornbeam
Carpinus coreana 'Korean Hornbeam' approximately 38-40cm tall and displayed in a plastic pot. These deciduous trees are gorgeous trees all year round.
Chinese Quince ‘Pseudocydonia sinensis’
This is a lovely flowering Japanese Quince, approximately 30-36cm tall. Planted in plastic bonsai pot.
Large Maple for Landscape Garden | COLLECTION ONLY
We have many field grown trees of which Maple of one of them. If you need a larger tree for a garden project please visit the nursery to look at what we have.
Large Chinese Privet
Large Outdoor Common Privet Bonsai planted in plastic bonsai pot. Approximately 53-60cm tall. Thick trunk with all the potential to make a superb bonsai.
Acer Japonicum or Full Moon Maple
Acer Japonicum or Full Moon Maple Bonsai Tree, a lovely outdoor tree. Approximately 41-44cm tall and in a plastic bonsai pot.
Outdoor Willow Bonsai Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Outdoor Willow Bonsai tree wired to shape by PETER Chan and planted in a ceramic pot approximately 50-52cm tall. This would need to be COLLECTED from the Nursery.