High Quality Specimen Trees

Specimen Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Specimen Bonsai Trees

At Herons, we must have the largest number of high quality Specimen Bonsai in the UK. Our collection of Specimens has been built up over the past twenty nine years that Herons hasbeen running - and even longer if you include the time when Peter has been winning Chelsea Gold medals before Herons Bonsai was founded.

Specimens are the high quality trees that you see at exhibitions. They are certainly not run of the mill bonsai and as such they have a high intrinsic value. The price or value of a Specimen is determined by the beauty, rarity of the species and to a certain extent- age. It is not dependent on size or age as is commonly thought.

If you are interested in any of the specimens shown here, give us a ring to find out more. We do not post prices on the net for security reasons as we have had thefts in the past of our specimen trees.
Our Products
japanese white pine specimen tree | herons bons
Stunning Japanese White Pine - wild collected tree imported years ago. 70cm tall with magnificent bend in the trunk. Not grafted.
japanese yew | large specimen bonsai tree | herons bonsai
Major Japanese Yew specimen bonsai. Around 80cm Tall and with massive driftwood trunk. Imported from Japan many years ago.
korean hbm specimen d
This is a Korean Hornbeam with a massive trunk and good taper. Planted in a nice English hand made pot. Quality tree. COLLECTION ONLY. POA
specimen english beech
Specimen developed by Peter since 1986
english oak tree - specimen
Stunning Specimen English Oak Tree, Has been filmed for a TV programme. Very good branching and ramification. Planted in a good quality Yixing pot. Presently on loan to Wisley Gardens.
Juniperus communis ‘Common Juniper’ | Starter bundle
A great gift bundle for those starting out or wanting to practise. Common Juniper starter bundle.
japanese yew bonsai tree specimen bonsai tree paul finch
Stunning Mature Specimen Japanese Yew Bonsai Tree. Around 90cm Tall and around 60 Years Old. Sorry - Now Sold
chinese juniper itiogawa
Chinese Juniper Itiogawa Bonsai Tree, between 40&43cm tall in a plastic pot. With a lovely twisted trunk.
large chinese juniper itiogawa bonsai tree
Large Sized Broom Style Chinese Juniper Itiogawa Bonsai, Around 35cm Tall
pine - specimen tree
Stunning Pine Specimen Tree, Around 110cm Tall with years of training
pine tree - specimen
Stunning Specimen of Pinus Austriaca. Around 120cm Tall and over 60 Years Old.