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Evergreen Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Outdoor Evergreen Bonsai Trees.

Evergreens stay green all year round and in Oriental folklore, they symbolise longevity and prosperity. They are elegant and serene to look at, and one of the main reasons why people derive peace and calm when they view bonsai.

The Juniper in the picture below is one of our specimens displayed at a Chelsea Flower show.

The Five needle pines shown here are one of our popular lines. We do not show all of our Specimen and High Quality trees on the internet shop as they are too large and heavy to ship. But if you would like to see some of our special or more expensive 'specimen' trees - just give us a ring and we will e-mail you a picture. If you could visit the nursery - that is even better.
Our Products
English Yew Bonsai Starter Tree | Herons Bonsai
One English Yew Bonsai Starter tree in a plastic pot. Please note that it isn't uncommon for the foliage to turn orange in the winter, this is normal and will turn green in the spring.
Picea 'Spruce'
Picea 'Spruce' in a plastic pot and approximately 50-55cm tall.
english yew bonsai starter trees | set of two
Set of two English Yew Bonsai starter trees of varying sizes and in plastic pots.
Buxus Harlandii Starter Tree
Buxus Harlandii Bonsai starter material in a plastic flower pot approximately 30-40cm tall but apperance will vary.
Pine Bonsai Landscape
Pine Bonsai planted in green oval ceramic Bonsai pot.
Fruiting Olive Bonsai | Herons Bonsai
Fruiting Olive Bonsai displayed in a ceramic pot approximately 31-33m tall.
japanese yew bonsai tree
Semi Trained Mature Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree, Around 55cm Tall, complete in plastic bonsai pot.
olive bonsai | small pre-trained | herons bonsai
Pre-Trained Olive Tree, around 35cm Tall in a Plastic Training Pot
Taxus baccata Wired English Yew Bonsai | Herons Bonsai
Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree and in plastic bonsai pot. It isn't uncommon for the foliage to turn orange in the winter this is completely normal. Great as a starter bonsai tree.
Extra Large specimen of Atlantic Cedar
Extra Large specimen of Atlantic Cedar For collection from nursery only
Olea europaea 'Wild Olive' Bonsai Tree | Ceramic Pot | 39
Wild Olive Tree between 25 & 27cm tall and in a lovely oval ceramic bonsai pot
Fruiting Olive Bonsai | Mosaic Style pot
Lovely Friuting Olive Bonsai displayed in a beautiful mosaic style ceramic pot approximately 39-43cm tall.