Raku Fired Bonsai Pots

Find out how we make our own authentic, Raku fired bonsai pots at the Herons workshop.

Raku firing is an ancient Japanese technique. Raku pots beautifully complement Japanese bonsais.

We use a special Raku kiln.
Raky kiln
Inside raku kiln
We then place a biscuit fired pot in the kiln and gradually increase the temperature.
raku kiln
raku kiln
We then warm our next pots on the lid of the kiln to avoid temperature shock.
warming pots on kiln
The fired pot is then taken out of the kiln and placed into a readymade combustion chamber.
transferin pot to combustion chamber
transfering pot to combustion chamber
pot inside combustion chamber
The finished result!
raku fired pot
raku fired pot 2
This is another pot we have made using an alternative finish which incorporates horse hair.
raku pot using horse hair
Another beautiful Raku pot made in our Herons workshop!
raku fired pot
Some more Herons Raku Pot examples
raku fired pot
raku pot
We hoped you enjoyed this look into our Raku firing process!