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Ficus Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection of Ficus Bonsai Trees

The Ficus is by far the easiest of all the Indoor species for bonsai and it is a true Tropical so doesn't mind a slightly warmer room than some other bonsai.

They need a minimum temperature of about 10°C or 50°F during the Winter and kept just moist. They are vigorous growers and can stand relatively low light levels when grown indoors. Some varieties will lose all their leaves in Winter, but do not panic - they will get their new leaves in the Spring. The Ficus is certainly our most popular Indoor Bonsai.

Trim the ends of the shoots regularly to keep it dense and also to stop the shoots from getting lanky.
Our Products
ficus beginners easy indoor bonsai gift pack | herons bonsai
The perfect gift set for a bonsai beginner. Contains a Ficus (Very Easy, Evergreen) indoor bonsai tree, a complete bonsai care set, and a bonsai gift bag. You can upgrade this gift pack with a beautiful stainless steel watering can.
Ficus Bonsai Forest & Display Stand | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely Ficus Bonsai Tree Forest with 13 ficus trees, approximately 40-43cm tall and planted in an oval ceramic bonsai pot. The price includes the bonsai display stand in the picture. This item is for COLLECTION ONLY.
Ficus Bonsai Tree
Large Ficus Bonsai Tree planted in a ceramic bonsai pot, approximately 52-62cm tall. Great tree for beginners. Due to the shape and size of this tree it would need to be collected from the nursery.
Ficus Bonsai | Broom Style
Small Ficus Retusa bonsai tree, approximately 26-30cm tall, complete in ceramic bonsai pot, ideal for beginners.
Ficus Bonsai S-Shape
Lovely tree for a beginner to bonsai, this s-shaped Ficus Bonsai Tree is easy to care for. Approximately 42-50cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Ficus Bonsai with Amazing Ariel Roots
This is a truly magnificent Ficus Bonsai Tree, standing approximately 53-57cm tall with amazing aerial roots, looks incredible from all angles. Comes in a Ceramic Bonsai Pot. COLLECTION ONLY
Ficus Bonsai Tree
Ficus Bonsai Tree planted in a bonsai pot, approximately 33-40cm tall. Ideal for indoors and beginners.
Ficus Bonsai Tree
Ficus Bonsai Tree planted in a ceramic bonsai pot, approximately 30-33cm tall. Great tree for beginners.
Ficus Bonsai Tree
Delightful and shapely Ficus Bonsai Tree, approximately 50-58cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot. Great for beginners.