Bonsai Care and Repotting
Herons Bonsai holiday care and repotting services.

Over the years, we have built up a wonderful relationship with our customers. We have some who have been with us since we started back in 1985 and they come back to us regularly for help and advice on how to maintain and look after their trees. 

Many customers do not like to leave their trees at home while they go away on holiday in case they do not get the care they need. So they bring them to us  for holiday care. While in care we will look after your trees, and if necessary we can prune, feed and keep them healthy for when you return.

Repotting is another activity which many bonsai owners find daunting, so we can also do this for you.

Our charges for the above services are shown below but does not include the cost of a new pot if required.

Please call 01342 832657 or send us an email: to book your trees in with us. 

Tree size 

Bonsai repotting service 

Bonsai Holiday care 

Up to 30cm tall
From £10 per tree £3 per week

Up to 60cm tall
From £15 per tree £5 per week

Up to 80cm tall
From £20 per tree £10 per week

Over 80cm tall
POA £10 per week