repotting service

REPOTTING is an activity which many bonsai owners find daunting. Whilst we do offer a repotting service we only offer this service during February and March each year, we set aside a day a week (usually a Tuesday) to do this.

Though it is possible to repot some trees at other times of year we, as a nursery, are only able to offer this service in February and March as the rest of the year we are to busy with the many other jobs that require our attention.

PRICING - There are many things to consider when repotting so it isn't possible to give a price without seeing the tree(s). Please send us a picture(s) via email to [email protected] including the height of the tree so that we can give you an idea on price.

Appointments only - to book a slot, in February and March please email [email protected] or call 01342 832657 for your allocated time. 

We understand that not everyone will be able to make it on a weekday so please feel free to drop your tree off and we will give you a call when it’s ready for collection. 

YouTube Tutorials - If you want to repot your own tree and need a little confidence to get started Peter has done many tutorials on repotting and how to choose the right pot for your tree please visit the YouTube Channel for videos.

Please note: at the weekend we are unable to repot while you wait. If you are unable to come on a Tuesday you will need to be able to leave your tree with us to repot and collect another day.

Please call 01342 832657 or send us an email: [email protected] to book your trees in with us. 
Repotting Service