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Workshops and Classes 

Whether you are new to Bonsai, looking to extend your existing skill set or looking for other enthisiasts to share your passion then our workshops may be just the ticket. 

Our 'General Bonsai Workshops’ include everything that you need; whether it be wiring, repotting, training or general care. These 
Workshops are very popular and we usually run two a month. The courses are facilitated by members of the Herons team or Peter Chan. 

Half Day Workshops (usually held on a Wednesday) start at 10am and conclude around 1pm and cost £49.

Full Day Workshops (usually held at the weekend) starts at 10am finish around 4pm 

Feel free to arrive earlier if you wish (and we are open) to have a look round our 7 Acre Nursery and Japanese garden. Alternatively you can stay on afterwards to have a look around (gates close at 4pm on Sunday)

You are welcome to bring your own (small) bonsai tree if you wish to work on it or if you would like any advice (please note it may not be possible to advise on more than one tree on the workshop).

We have ample on-site parking and washroom facilities. We also have good disabled access.

For a full list of our courses and how to book please see below. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Herons in the near future.


1-2-1 Class with Peter Chan
Peter offers 1-2-1 workshops which can be tailored to your needs.  If you would like to find out more please email sales@herons.co.uk.
General Bonsai Workshops
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have cancelled these workshops. Once we know more we will run these workshops again. 
September 2020
9th September (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
19th September (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop NOW FULL

October 2020
7th October (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
17th October (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop -  NOW FULL

November 2020
28th November (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

February 2021
10th February (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
20th February (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

March 2021
10th March (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
20th March (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

April 2021
7th April (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
17th April (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

May 2021
15th May (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
19th May (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

June 2021
2nd June (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
12th June (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

July 2021
17th July (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
21st July (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

August 2021
21st August (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
25th August (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

September 2021
18th September (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
22nd September (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

October 2021
16th October (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
20th October (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

November 2021
10th November (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
20th November (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
Our Products
herons bonsai residencial workshop
Herons Bonsai Residential Facility for workshop participants. Please email for more details.
our regular classes are run throughout the year. 
these are the dates for next couple of months
Our Regular classes are run throughout the year. For Winter workshops we reserve the right to cancel last minute depending on the temperature, please check with us before you book travel.
Creating Bonsai from Nursery stock workshop
Creating Bonsai from Nursery stock workshop. Please contact us for dates of this workshop.
Cascade Juniper Bonsai Workshop
Learn to make your own Juniper Cascade Bonsai from nursery material. Please get in touch to see what dates are available.
niwaki | japanese garden tree pruning
Learn the art of Japanese garden tree pruning with the master (Peter Chan). Please contact us for dates.
DIY Forest Workshop
DIY Forest Workshop. Price includes tuition, trees and appropriate pot.
Pine Bonsai Workshop
Pine Bonsai Workshop. Please contact us for dates before booking.