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New dates are posted on our web site each month. You can book a course online or over the phone.

Bonsai Workshops and Classes

We have been running our bonsai classes and workshops at Herons for over thirty years and they have been the source of inspiration for many bonsai enthusiasts. Now that we have a massive following on YouTube with over 105.000 subscribers as of mid December , the workshops are getting even more popular. The sessions are run by Peter or one of the Herons team.

What does our workshop entail

All our workshops are hands-on sessions for all abilities, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. You can learn any aspect of bonsai in this class. You have a choice of;-

A HALF DAY (two hour) workshop (held during the week) or a WHOLE DAY (four hour) workshop (held at the weekend)

The workshops start at 10am to 1pm for the Half Day workshop and from 11am -4pm (with an hour's break for lunch) for the Full Day workshop.

Prices - £49 for a Half-Day and £69 for the Whole Day workshop.

Prices for the workshops are for instruction only. You can bring your own material (one tree per person please) to work on or use material from our nursery. If you like what you make on the workshop you simply pay for the material at the end of the class. If you simply wish to use our material to practice on, you are welcome to do that too.

We offer a choice of courses to cater for all abilities. Excellent value considering what you can learn in just a short while.

Our workshops teach you all you need to know about a particular subject from how to care for various species to how create them from ordinary trees and shrubs. Most important of all is the confidence you will get from doing a course with us.

Please try and bring your own bonsai tools if you can as we may not have enough to share around.

1-2-1 with Peter Chan - and sessions for those with Special needs

Peter does offer a 1-2-1 lesson for those who would like individual tuition.
Peter also runs classes for Schools and those with special needs as part of our Social Enterprise ethic.
Please contact Herons for details.

For those who would like a more intensive course, we have the facilities for this as well. These residential courses are especially popular with visitors from abroad. If you are interested in this - please contact us by email or by phone.

Workshop dates

March 2020
14th March (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop - NOW FULL
18th March (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

April 2020
15th April (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
18th April (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop NOW FULL

May 2020
9th May (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop NOW FULL
20th May (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

June 2020
6th June (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop NOW FULL
10th June (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

July 2020
8th July (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
18th July (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop NOW FULL

August 2020
15th August (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
26th August (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop

September 2020
9th September (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
19th September (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

October 2020
7th October (Wednesday) - Half Day Workshop
17th October (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop

November 2020
28th November (Saturday) - Full Day Workshop
Our Products
herons bonsai residencial workshop
Herons Bonsai Residential Facility for workshop participants. Please email for more details.
our regular classes are run throughout the year. 
these are the dates for next couple of months
Our Regular classes are run throughout the year. For Winter workshops we reserve the right to cancel last minute depending on the temperature, please check with us before you book travel.
Creating Bonsai from Nursery stock workshop
Creating Bonsai from Nursery stock workshop. Please contact us for dates of this workshop.
Cascade Juniper Bonsai Workshop
Learn to make your own Juniper Cascade Bonsai from nursery material. Please get in touch to see what dates are available.
niwaki | japanese garden tree pruning
Learn the art of Japanese garden tree pruning with the master (Peter Chan). Please contact us for dates.
DIY Forest Workshop
DIY Forest Workshop. Price includes tuition, trees and appropriate pot.
Pine Bonsai Workshop
Pine Bonsai Workshop. Please contact us for dates before booking.