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Al Wire - Brown Ch 100gm
Chinese Anodised Aluminium Bonsai Wire, Comes as 100gm.
narrow trimming scissors
18cm Narrow Black Stainless Steel Bonsai Trimming Scissors.
Japanese Anodised Aluminium Wire
Japanese Copper Bonsai Training Wire
200mm Branch Cutter
200mm Stainless Steel Bonsai Branch Cutter from Dingmu.
High Quality 170mm Bonsai Wire Cutter
170mm High Quality Bonsai Wire Cutters from Dingmu. Bonsai wire cutters used for wiring or removing wire from trees without damaging the trunk or branches.
Dingmu Folding Saw 180mm
Dingmu High Quality Folding Saw 180mm.
Premium Bonsai Repotting Kit
The complete Premium Bonsai Repotting Kit, a great kit to help with repotting your bonsai and a fantastic gift.
Luxury Bonsai Repotting Kit (scissors, mesh, steel rake,tunrtable,brush, steel scoops, root hook)
This high quality Luxury Bonsai Repotting Kit is great kit to help with repotting your bonsai and a fantastic gift.
Premium Bonsai Toolkit
The complete Premium Bonsai Toolkit, all you need to get you started with your new hobby or give it as a gift.
'all in one' bonsai tool kit
All you need to care for your bonsai trees. The complete Basic Tool kit.
Sphagnum Moss - small bag
Sphagnum moss is a great gorowing medium for trees that have weak roots. It can also be used for mixing with Kanuma for potting Satsukis, for Air-Layering (one bag for one air layers) or for reviving sick bonsai. You can also sprinkle some on top of the soil as it holds in moisture.