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small leaf maple seeds sale
All Seeds have been collected from our 7 acre Nursery.
Carbon Steel Japanese Bonsai Tool kit
High quality 7 Piece Carbon Steel Bonsai Tool kit. An ideal gift for someone who wants to learn a bit more about bonsai.
Blue Japanese Bonsai Pot  (15.5cm)| USED
Round Blue Japanese Bonsai Pot - this pot has been used so may dispaly some irregularities. Dimensions: 15cm round and 8cm deep.
Al Wire - Brown Ch 100gm
Chinese Anodised Aluminium Bonsai Wire, Comes as 100gm.
Bag of Assorted Aluminium Bonsai Wire
Bag of Assorted Aluminium Bonsai Wire, from 1mm - 2mm.
extra large shallow rectangle plastic bonsai pot
Plastic Shallow Rectangle Bonsai Pot. Dimensions: 33.5cm x 24cm x 7cm
Stainless Steel Branch Cutter | 165mm
Stainless Steel branch cutter 165mm in length.
narrow trimming scissors
18cm Narrow Black Stainless Steel Bonsai Trimming Scissors.
Stainless Steel Hybrid Branch Cutters
21cm Stainless Steel Hybrid Branch Cutters from Ryuga, includes a styles carry case.
Japanese Anodised Aluminium Wire
Japanese Copper Bonsai Training Wire
200mm Branch Cutter
200mm Stainless Steel Bonsai Branch Cutter from Dingmu.
Bonsai Art - Tree made of Wire
Made to Order. This unique piece of art is made by one of the Herons Bonsai team. Made purely from wire used for shaping branches. This is a COLLECTION ONLY item.