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shaping a yew bonsai
Running a bonsai nursery has it’s advantages, because I often get trees that have been grown by customers for many years. This is an English yew, It’s in a lovely pot, and we can see the customer has made some attempt at carving.
raku fired bonsai pots
Find out how we make our own authentic, Raku fired bonsai pots at the Herons workshop. Raku firing is an ancient Japanese technique. Raku pots beautifully complement Japanese bonsais. We use a special Raku kiln.
japanese maple bonsai field
Those of you who have visited our nursery in Lingfield Surrey, will know that we have a seven and a half acre growing field, where we grow all our maples and other raw material. We don’t just grow maples but pines, junipers, elms (most varieties used for bonsai).
shaping japanese maple bonsai
I’m going to show you the next stage of creating a maple bonsai. Let’s take a look at this tree. It has only been in this pot for a year and it is already pot bound. It’s a very interesting tree with a lot of movement.
large bonsai RHS wisley
Herons Bonsai are proud sponsors of the Bonsai collection at the Royal Horticultural Society garden in Wisely. Peter and His wife first began sponsoring the Wisley Garden in 1997.
literati bonsai
In this video we take a brief look at the techniques used in creating a Literati bonsai. After splitting the trunk of this bonsai, we wrap it with raffia ribbon. Wrapping the trunk with raffia helps to prevent it from splitting or cracking.
herons bonsai nursery entrance
Any visitors to our nursery in Surrey will be greeted by a collection of large bonsais. Within the collection you will find many species including garden pine, European hornbeam, English field maple, scots pine and more all grown at our nursery.
field grown bonsai
It’s the end of December, the shortest day has passed and the days are getting longer. We are now able to start digging our field grown trees from the ground and start turning them into Japanese garden trees and bonsai.
bonsai terminology
In this youtube video I’m going to talk about commonly used Japanese bonsai terms. You will find that, as you get into the art of bonsai many people like to use Japanese terminology to impress others. Personally, however, I don’t like to use too many Japanese terms.
overwintering bonsai
It’s the 21st of November and it’s a clear, crisp morning. We have had freezing temperatures overnight and the average day temperature is around three to four degrees Celsius.
bonsai tools
Today I am going to talk about various bonsai tools and their uses. This is in response to the constructive comments that many of you have given me on the videos I have posted over the past year.
creating beuvronensis bonsai
In this tutorial, I want to show you how we create our large Beuvronensis bonsai trees. I also would like to take you around our nursery and show you various examples of these trees in different sizes and at different stages of development.
sowing maple seeds for bonsai
Growing Maples from seed is not rocket science!
bonsai raw material
Looking at this Chinese Juniper, you may think making it into a bonsai would be impossible. However, I believe there is no such thing as impossible material.
peter with maple bonsai
In this tutorial, Peter takes us around the Herons nursery and discusses the range of maple bonsais on the grounds. Peter also talks about common problems that occur with maples and how to treat them.
peter with maple bonsai
Peter demonstrates how to properly clean yellow needles from a white pine bonsai tree.
Making A Ficus Bonsai Landscape
In this video one of the team at Herons, Padmapriya, show you the process of creating a Ficus Bonsai Landscape.
How to Propagate Bonsai & Make Cuttings
Many people have asked me to do a vide on propagating plants so in this video I share how to take cuttings and propagate from many species like the Chinese Elm, Cotoneaster, Juniper, Fig, Minature Rose, Camellia, Azalea and Spruce.
Air Layering English Elm
In this youtube I share with you a large air layering I have done.
Air Layering English Elm
In this video Peter shows us how to deal with what we could call ‘raw material’. 
Air Layering English Elm
In this tutorial Peter Chan demonstrates how to propagate your bonsai tree and make different types of cuttings. Peter covers hard wood and soft wood cuttings and shares his expert tips.
Air Layering English Elm
Peter shares his tips on sowing seeds and shows a variety of seedling examples including Juniper, Zelkova, crab apple and more.
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Japanese Maple| 13 Tree Forest | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely outdoor deciduous Acer Palmatum (Maple) Forest, approx 13 trees Displayed in an oval ceramic bonsai pot and approximately 60-76cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
white pine - specimen
Stunning White Pine Specimen Tree in the Formal Upright style. Its grown on its own roots and not grafted. Therefore much sought after. Originally imported over twenty years ago from a top Japanese Nursery. For Collection only 110cm tall.
Japanese Maple 'Shaina'
Acer Palmatum Shaina stands approximately 52-65cm tall and planted in a plastic bonsai pot.
Al Wire - Brown Ch 100gm
Chinese Anodised Aluminium Bonsai Wire, Comes as 100gm.
Japanese Maple 'Shaina'
Acer Palmatum Shaina stands approximately 40-52cm tall and planted in a plastic bonsai pot.
Red Deshojo Maple Bonsai tree
Outdoor deciduous Red Deshojo Maple starter Bonsai Tree. Around 25-35cm tall and comes in glazed ceramic pot. The leaves start a pillar box red before softening and eventually turning green.
large shallow rectangle plastic bonsai pot
Shallow Plastic Rectangle Bonsai Pot. Dimensions: 24.5cm x 17.5cm x 7cm
Bonsai Brush
This coco bristle cleaning brush is good for clearning moss and soil without damaging the surface roots. Also used for dusting pots.
extra large shallow rectangle plastic bonsai pot
Plastic Shallow Rectangle Bonsai Pot. Dimensions: 33.5cm x 24cm x 7cm
Tweezer / Spatular Bonsai Tool
This combination tweezer and spatular tools is useful for weeding work and missing. The other end has a tweezer which is ideal for removing buds or pine needles. A useful and well made tool.
Fine Branch Cutter 180mm | Dingmu
High Quality Fine Branch Cutter 160mm from Dingmu Bonsai
200mm Branch Cutter
200mm Stainless Steel Bonsai Branch Cutter from Dingmu.
long handled chinese bonsai trimming scissors
High Quality Long Handled Bonsai Trimming Scissors | 210mm
premium chinese bonsai pruning scissors
180mm Root Shears / Root Pruning Scissors from our basic range.
japanese anodised aluminium bonsai wire (500gm)
Half kg Coil of Japanese Anodised Aluminium Bonsai Wire
High Quality 170mm Bonsai Wire Cutter
170mm High Quality Bonsai Wire Cutters from Dingmu. Bonsai wire cutters used for wiring or removing wire from trees without damaging the trunk or branches.
'all in one' bonsai tool kit
All you need to care for your bonsai trees. The complete Basic Tool kit. Please note picture is for a different kit.
10 Piece Bonsai Tool Kit
The complete 10 piece bonsai tool kit including a bonsai case, includes everything you need to get started in bonsai.
Sphagnum Moss - small bag
Sphagnum moss is a great growing medium for trees that have weak roots. It can also be used for mixing with Kanuma for potting Satsukis, for Air-Layering (one bag for one air layers) or for reviving sick bonsai. You can also sprinkle some on top of the soil as it holds in moisture.