beni-chidori Maple Bonsai

Beni-Chidori are mostly grown for their stunning, spring foliage colouring. The leaves of different Japanese maple cultivars all vary slightly in shape and colour, ranging from soft pink to fiery red. The autumn tints, however, are not as spectacular as those of the species. These trees are suitable for most styles except windswept and driftwood. 'Beni-chidori' have smaller leaves and denser branching. In early spring, the new leaves emerge soft red, fading to pink and then mid-green in summer. In autumn, the foliage turns red. Small leaves and a twiggy habit make this a much sought-after bonsai.

Treat the cultivars in the same way as any acer palmatum. They enjoy being in full sun in spring and summer, and they can be left outside throughout winter as long as the temperature does not fall below -5 degrees. Placing the plants in full sun hardens the leaves and branches; allowing the foliage to emerge in open air producing a better and clearer red in the spring. If plants kept in the greenhouse in spring, the leaves tend to be a duller shade of red.
Benichidori Maples