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Cleaning Yellow Needles from a White Pine Bonsai

One way to clean a pine is to start at the top-centre and work outwards along the branch, removing the needles with your fingertips. You may want to wear gloves during this process to avoid irritation however sometimes it is easier to remove the needles without that extra layer covering your fingers.
White Pine Bonsai tree
You can also rake the needles using a pair of bonsai tweezers. Tweezers are also handy for stubborn yellow needles that are more difficult to remove or needles that have become stuck under wire or between green needles.
bonsai tweezers
Needles that fall from above will need to be cleaned off lower branches.
cleaning needles from white pine
Start cleaning from the centre of the branch outwards, towards the tip of the branch.
cleaning yellow needles from lower branches
Now your bonsai is free from yellow needles!
brushing pine bonsai with coca brush
Once all the yellow needles have been removed, use a coco brush to gently remove the fallen needles from the soil and the base of the tree.
pile of white pine needles
complete white pine bonsai
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