Young Starter Bonsai Trees

Starter Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Starter Bonsai Trees If you wish to grow your bonsai from scratch - and some people do - you can either sow seeds or use young starter trees. Growing from seed can be difficult, but using young plants which are already three, four or more years old will give you a head start.

Most of the varieties offered here are hardy and easy to grow.

Most of our starter varieties are ones which we use ourselves for developing into mature bonsai. They are also very popular with those who attend our workshops. The conifers in particular are very easy to wire into recognisable bonsai shapes and are extremely hardy. We don't even protect them from the frosts. The ones on special offer are very good value.
Our Products
english beech starter bonsai trees
Set of 4 English Beech Bonsai Starter Trees, Around 5/6 Years Old. These trees are good for use in Bonsai. Varying sizes and in plastic pots.
bonsai starter tree bundle | 10 trees
Selection of 10 starter outdoor bonsai trees, 10 x bonsai pots, 2 x bags of bonsai soil, 2 x coils of bonsai wire, bonsai scissors and bonsai liquid feed. Please note if ordering from September onwards many trees won't have foliage.
Beech | Individual Starter Trees | Herons Bonsai
Individual Beech Starter trees of various sizes.
English Yew Starter Trees £5 | herons bonsai
Choose from 1, 5 or 10 Japanese Yew trees of varying sizes. Ideal trees for making individual bonsai or for Groups or Forests.
larch bonsai  | starter trees
Choose from 1, 5 or 10 Larch trees of varying sizes. Ideal trees for making Groups or Forests.
English Yew Bonsai Starter Tree | Herons Bonsai
One English Yew Bonsai Starter tree in a plastic pot. Please note that it isn't uncommon for the foliage to turn orange in the winter, this is normal and will turn green in the spring.
english yew bonsai starter trees | set of two
Set of two English Yew Bonsai starter trees of varying sizes and in plastic pots.
Buxus Harlandii Starter Tree
Buxus Harlandii Bonsai starter material in a plastic flower pot approximately 30-40cm tall but apperance will vary.
dawn redwood bonsai - starter tree
Dawn Redwood Bonsai Starter Tree in a plastic pot.
Taxus baccata Wired English Yew Bonsai | Herons Bonsai
Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree and in plastic bonsai pot. It isn't uncommon for the foliage to turn orange in the winter this is completely normal. Great as a starter bonsai tree.
ginkgo starter bonsai trees | set of two
Set of Two Ginkgo Starter Bonsai Trees in plastic pots.
2 san jose and 2 chinese juniper cuttings
Own grown San Jose Juniper Starter Bonsai trees.