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Japanese Maple Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Maple Bonsai They start off fresh green or bronze in the spring (The red maples of course are red to begin with); they then turn a deeper shade of green in the summer and finally end up bright crimson in the autumn. Even without their leaves in the winter, they are stunning to look at.

No bonsai collection can ever be complete without a few maples.

The ones shown here are the popular sizes - for the more expensive specimens, please visit the nursery or ring for details.

For the last few years, the importation of many deciduous species from Japan and China, including Acers, have become extremely difficult. This has resulted in a severe shortage of imported Maples among bonsai nurseries. Fortunately, we are not affected as we are self sufficient in Maples since we have been growing them for the past twenty six years on our nursery. We sow thousands of maple seeds each year, we graft and air-layer most of our large trees, and we use our home grown maples to make them into bonsai. We are therefore certainly not short of Maples!
Our Products
Japanese Maple
Outdoor Deciduous Acer Palmatum stands approximately 34-38cm tall and displayed in an unglazed ceramic bonsai pot. This Pictures was taken in September 2018.
Acer Palmatum 'Atropurpureum' Maple Bonsai Tree | 49
Lovely deep red Acer Palmatum bonsai tree. Approximately 32-36cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot. This tree is an outdoor deciduous species.
Ki Hachijou Maple Bonsai | Large | COLLECTION ONLY
Gorgeous Ki Hachijou Bonsai Tree, approximately 52-57cm tall and displayed in an unglazed ceramic Bonsai Pot. COLLECTION ONLY
aka shigitatsu sawa maple bonsai tree
Tall Aka shigitatsu Sawa Maple Bonsai Tree, Around 60cm Tall, Ceramic Pot
Kabudachi/Clump style Mountain Maple AA2
Kabudachi/Clump style Mountain Maple AA2
Maple Kabudachi Specimen Bonsai Tree| Herons Bonsai
This lovely Mountain Maple Kabudachi stands approximately 65-67cm tall and is planted in a primitive style pot. COLLECTION ONLY.
MM - Kabudachi AC
MM - Kabudachi AC
Japanese Maple| 13 Tree Forest | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely outdoor deciduous Acer Palmatum (Maple) Forest, approx 13 trees Displayed in an oval ceramic bonsai pot and approximately 60-76cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
mountain maple bonsai tree | herons bonsai
Mountain Maple, Around 55cm Tall, Ceramic bonsai pot.
Red Japanese Maple Forest
Lovely outdoor deciduous Japanese Maple Bonsai Forest (approx 10 trees) approximately 40-55cm tall and displayed in a shallow plastic bonsai pots.
Japanese Maple Shaina | Plastic Pot
Acer Palmatum Shaina stands approximately 45-48cm tall and planted in an plastic bonsai pot.
Mountain Maple | Large Forest | COLLECTION ONLY
Beautiful Mountain Maple Bonsai Forest, approximately 16 Japanese Maple Bonsai Trees, In an unglazed round Bonsai pot. Picture was taken in early October.