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Syzygium Bonsai From Herons Bonsai

This is a very popular tree in South African gardens which is mostly used as a hedging plant. They are commonly known as Brush cherry as in the garden you will find examples bearing bright red, edible 'cherry-like' fruit. The fruit are formed from small, 'starburst' like flowers, cream in colour. which later develop into the berries. They have shiny, dark green leaves which can start out rather large but will miniaturize with frequent nipping. It is however best to select a species which has naturally small leaves to aid in this process. Their bark is smooth when young, but when grown as a bonsai and after several years it becomes rough, the texture adding interest to the tree.

Brush cherries are very easily grown from seed collected near a hedge of the plant. You could also gather up seedlings which spring up near a Brush cherry growing in the garden. When young these trees grow very rapidly. You can also propagate using cuttings and layering.
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Brush Cherry beginners bonsai gift set
The perfect gift pack for a bonsai beginner. Contains a Brush Cherry (evergreen) indoor bonsai tree and a complete bonsai care set. You can upgrade this gift pack with a beautiful stainless steel watering can.
Syzygium (Brush Cherry) Bonsai | S-Shape
Beautiful S-Shaped Syzygium (Brush Cherry) Bonsai Tree, in a ceramic Bonsai pot and approximately 40-50cm tall.