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Herons Bonsai Collection of Edible Fig Bonsai Trees

The edible fig or Ficus carica is a hardy tree and makes a lovley bonsai. The bonus is the edible fruit. If kept pot bound, they develop nice small leaves. Always a talking point as they are rarely seen as bonsai.

Note: Some of these photos were taken around winter time, and during the summer periods will have a much larger foilage.
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Edible Fig
Lovely thick trunked Edible Fig Bonsai Tree, approximately 31-35cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Fig ?89 A
Most Popular Size Edible Fig Tree, Around 50cm Tall.
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Ficus carica 'Common Fig' bonsai
OUTDOOR DECIDUOUS, Ficus carica 'Common Fig' Bonsai Tree, Around 36cm Tall, complete in a Cream Ceramic Pot
edible fig tree - large
Our largest size Edible Fig Tree, Around 70cm Tall and 40 Years Old.
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