Indoor Bonsai For Beginners

There are certain varieties of Indoor trees that are easier than others. 

Varieties such as the Ficus, Pepper, Jade and Elms are good ones for beginners as they are easy to maintain, care for and keep alive. They require less maintenance than other species of indoor bonsai, making them ideal for beginners or as a gift for someone who has not had a bonsai before.

Other Indoor varieties such as the Olive, Citrus, Lantana, Sageretia, Podocarpus are also easy but need a COOL room. Warm dry rooms and dark conditions do not suit these varieties. All plants need plenty of LIGHT in order to grow well and bonsai are no different. These ones also like being kept outdoors in Summer so that they get more sunshine and fresh air.

And Dont Forget to WATER! - Most Indoor bonsai die because their owners either water to little or to much.

We include a care sheet for your bonsai and we do suggest purchasing the Indoor Bonsai Care Set to accompany your tree.
Indoor Trees For Beginners