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Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree in Drum Pot, approximately 80-85cm tall. This is a COLLECTION ONLY item.
Chinese Juniper | Itiogawa bonsai tree
Stunning Chinese Itiogawa Juniper, about 70 cm tall and planted in a plastic bonsai training pot.
chinese juniper itiogawa bonsai tree
Beautiful and sought after Chinese Juniper Itiogawa Bonsai Tree, approximately 30-32cm tall and planted in an unglazed oval bonsai pot.
Chinese Juniper | Itiogawa Specimen | Herons Bonsai
This is a delightful Chinese Juniper Specimen Itiogawa Bonsai Tree with an interesting shape to it and standing at approximately 84cm tall.
Juniper Landscape
Lovely Juniper Landscape with rocks and succulents. You can really imagine yourself sitting on the rocks listening to the bird song. This item is collection only.
Large Chinese Juniper | COLLECTION ONLY
Large Juniper Bonsai Tree, approximately 90-92cm tall in a ceramic pot.
Chinese Juniper in a Drum Pot
Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree, approximately 63-68cm tall in a drum pot. This tree is styled on a YouTube video.
Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree
Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree in an oval bonsai pot, approximately 28-29cm tall. Pot colour may vary.