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Japanese Garden Ornaments

The UK's Finest Selection of Japanese Ornaments

We stock an extensive range of Japanese garden items such as lanterns, water basins, ornaments and large garden trees. Many of these items are extremely heavy and bulky and can only be collected from the nursery. But we do sell a few of the smaller items on-line as shown here. They include the smaller lanterns, ornaments and medium size maples and conifers. If you are interested in these larger items - just give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.
Our Products
 Old Sake Jar
Large Old antique Sake Jar. Charming imperfections due to the way they are fired. These are heavy items so please feel free to ask for more details.
traditional Kotoji  Japanese stone lantern
Traditional Kotoji Japanese Stone Lantern. 70cm in height
traditional antique japanese stone lantern
Traditional Antique Japanese Stone Lantern. Dimensions: 75x60x30
traditional Yamadoro Japanese granite lantern
Traditional Yamadoro Japanese Granite Lantern Dimensions: 75cmx50cm Collection only due to the weight
traditional katsuga  japanese granite lantern
Traditional Katsuga Japanese Granite Lantern Dimensions: 140x50x50cm
traditional  japanese mushroom granite lantern
Traditional Japanese Mushroom Lantern. Dimensions: 30cm high x 45-50cm wide
traditional antique large  Japanese stone lantern
Traditional Antique Large Katsuga Japanese Stone Lantern. Dimensions: 1 metre tall
traditional japanese rankei guiko lantern
Traditional Japanese Rankei Guiko Lantern. Dimensions: 80x48x37cm
traditional pagoda japanese stone lantern
Traditional Miyoishi Japanese Granite Lantern Dimensions: 145x33x33cm In Pink granite All lanterns - collection from the nursery only
traditional nisaki antique  japanese granite lantern
Traditional Nisaki Japanese Granite Lantern. Dimensions: 85cm in height
traditional  japanese antique granite pillars
Traditional Antique Japanese Granite Pillars Dimensions: various
traditional  japanese garden granite bridge
Traditional Antique Japanese Garden Granite Bridge Dimensions: 1.5m x 50cm