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Large Trident Maple | Specimen Bonsai | COLLECTION ONLY
Gorgeous Large Trident Maple. Approximately 84cm tall and the glazed oval pot is 60cm wide. Due to the size of this item it is a collection only.
large trident maple bonsai tree | herons bonsai
Large Trident, Around 70cm Tall, Unglazed Ceramic Pot
mountain maple - kabudachi specimen
Large well Tapered Mountain Maple Bonsai , stands approximately 78cm tall and is in a handmade pot (different to the one in this photograph). It was imported from Japan over ten years ago and is approximately 50-60 years old. Please ask about this product before purchasing.
large ungrafted shishigashira maple acer bonsai tree
Shishigashira Maple Bonsai (Not grafted). 80cm Tall. Very high quality tree.
Koto no Ito Size A
Specimen Japanese Acer Bonsai Tree. 85cm Tall. Ceramic Pot