It is always satisfying when our customers write back to say that they are delighted with our service. Here are just a few comments:-

"Peter, thank you for a really inspiring and fascinating workshop. It was an honour and a privilege to learn from you, to receive some of your great wisdom. 
Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, I absolutely love my new trees and will give them the greatest attention and care." 
Daniel Geller

"Dear Peter, I met you a couple of weeks ago at your nursery. We took a selfie together. I had to write in as I have always been keen on Bonsai, but everyone made it so complicated! The styles, the plants, the tools etc. And so my passion for this has remained dormant. 
I have carefully watched all your videos and have finally found my personal Eureka moment which has demystified the whole process. 
1) Wire everything in sight when young - but don't cut, if you want to thicken the trunk. 
2) Stir the pot/handi and an S shape. 
3) Place the branches in a Bonsai-esque way, but it is up to the individual. 
4) Then leave it alone to grow in the normal garden pot. 
I  have currently done the above to about 6 new plants and some a few more, that were happily minding their own business in my garden for years. What can I say, I am on a roll now!"
"Even in these uncertain times most people still take things for granted and fail to give praise for a job well done, I am NOT one of those people.
On Sunday 26th September I placed an order with you for 4 Plastic Pots, a small order I know but that is not really the point.  On the Monday (27th) I received an email telling me the order was being prepared, then another one telling me it was being dispatched and then a final one telling me it would be delivered the next day. Which it did, well packaged and in excellent condition.
So, to the whole point of this message, what a fantastic Company!!!  Not only a fantastically fast delivery but being kept fully informed of the progress was superb Customer Service. My thanks to you all and please be assured Herons Bonsai will receive all my custom for Bonsai related products.
Phillip Budd"

"Peter you are the best, by just simplifying the art of Bonsai you bring in both old and young who otherwise may have thought that secrets and myths are the heart of Bonsai, and who may have walked away out of pure ignorance (through no fault of their own). I'm still being told by my wife that I'll have square eyes if I don't take a break from watching your vides. Due to my disabilities I once told you life was goin in a downward spiral, then you came along and now life is so much more enjoyable when I sit outside on a dry day, pruning and wiring my little trees, thank you Peter, may you always walk in the sun..... John" 

"My mum turned 98 this October and she has been creating “bonsai “ since 1956, with I think mainly trimming of roots and branches.  We cohabit successfully and since stumbling across Heron’s Bonsai and the beautiful “ Peter Chan“  we both have studied for our Masters in Bonsai during our virtual total lockdown in Melbourne Australia with you Peter our tutor! Our saviour Peter as you have kept mum so focussed during our long year of lockdown.  

Fortunately mum has 70 or more bonsai which we both have worked on-shaping, cutting, repotting,  creating forests with her many maples, Iiquid ambers, pines, conifers, hawthorn , crab apple, oh and a jacaranda, holly, olive, gums,  using trays and crates  (as per your suggestions-also have scrounged nature strips on  our hard rubbish days for office chairs to use as a turntable bases)  seedlings / saplings found in the garden to grow, cuttings etc etc. The living room has not suffered too much through me lugging in “the next project”  for mum to work on during the day. Now it is Summer we can rest.

We have  survived this very strange new world through watching your utube videos Peter during which you entertain with your  chat and techniques used in working with your bonsai, and your Hawaiian shirts also take mum back to her travels. We love your brutality,  speed, and great care and great love of bonsai and all plants that comes across during your programmes. I could continue endlessly with praise  Peter.  Having worked on mum’s  bonsai during this long long time (under direction from my mother of course) have discovered her use of sphagnum moss. To bend branches rocks of varying weight were suspended from selected branches, as well as the use of rocks  to hold the newly potted bonsai until the roots establish.  

We love the speed at which you work, airlayering, potting on gravel, wiring, shaping etc etc. leaving your plants in the field, using found plant material to create bonsai, the exposure of roots, all bonsai secrets-just wonderful. 

During the past few years I have been tending mum’s bonsai- watering, repotting the odd one, interested but not quite sure what was needed in, or how to go about, creating bonsai. Now I am absolutely hooked and shall continue with  bonsai and hand on my mother’s creations, and mine, to my daughter-her inheritance! We thank you Peter from the  bottom of our hearts and cannot wait for the seasons to pass with fingers crossed for those bud back shoots to appear, the created forests to take hold enough to transfer on to a slab of granite,  or to repot in smaller shallower pots.  We love your bonsai-large and small- any size, any tree.  I thank my mother for her insight in creating her magnificent garden in the suburbs of Melbourne filled with so much potential for bonsai,  and along with her knowledge and yours Peter,  my excitement and commitment to exploring the art of bonsai has become all consuming.  My absolute respect and regards Peter 
Pauline Purser

Comment from a Youtube subscriber: You are brillians, smart, creative and wonderful. You are a great teacher I wish I knew you personally and then you would be my teacher. I cannot thank you enough for your teaching videos they are a great help to me in learning the correct way of creating bonsai. Thank you again, sincerely, Phil.

I want to send heart-felt thank you's to you for your you-tube videos. I am a subscriber and have watched each several times. Everytime I wastch them I learn something new or reinforce something I was not sure of. I have some of your books that I refer to regularly. I appreciate that you relay the information in clear uncomplicated terms and touch upon some of the smaller details others books I have do not. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I apprecaite you and your wonderful trees. 
Patty M , USA 

Hello, and thank you (again) for another perfect order. Picked up the trees yesterday from local collection. Awsome service. Thank you.
Simon , Wales

I just wanted to thank you for your very helpful, professional service, so glad I've found you. You manage to incorporate an internet shopping service with excellent personal service, congratulations. 
Pat , Oxfordshire

Just to confirm that all was received safely yesterday and I repotted the pyracantha last night. Thanks for your prompt assistance along the way, I'm very happy with the trees and I hope to be able to join one of Peter's workshops in the near future. 
Andy , West Malling

It was a pleasure to visit Heron's on Saturday (Oct 2017) and evern bettter to chat with you briefly. While growing up in London I was heavily inspired by Japanese design and in particular bonsai trees which, married both my passions for creativity and nature. I read your books and grew my own bonsai, occasionally making the trip with my mum to Herons! I am now an architect and very aware of how this enriched me and so many areas of my learning and developement. So just a quick note to say thank you. 

10/10! This is the first time I bought with Herons and I am extremely surprised about the service, first of all their varied catalogue, I was looking for a very specific size of ceramic pot and they had loads of options! Second, they were really quick on delivery and sending tracking number for us to be able to track the parcel, with a 1 hour time slot for delivery (quite convenient!)There was an unfortunate situation, due to the delivery one pot was broken and the other had a crack, I sent an email with the detailed pictures of what we've received and in less than 15 minutes I had a confirmation that the replacement was on it's way! The day after they arrived home perfectly fine!!  They provide excellent customer service and amazing quality pots! the price is also a plus, as it was the best price I saw for the same quality of ceramics everywhere else I looked online! Thanks a lot!
Anna K, Middlesex

My Bonsai arrived yesterday and as this was my first time buying a plant onlune - I must admit I was extremely impressed with the packaging, the delivery and most of all the quality of the bonsai. It's beautiful and better than expected. I will definitely recomment you to my freiends and family and hopfully if I am in the Surrey area - will make a visit just to see the other special trees. Thank you.
Edelweiss, Milton Keynes

'Hi Peter, I wanted to thank you again for getting my anniversary bonsai to my house today. I truly appreciate your commitment to your customers and I'll be sure to refer you whenever I can to others and certainly i will be back as a customer myself.'
Jakob, Wimbledon

'The packaging was amazing and the tree arrived in perfect condition. It's been a pleasure to buy from you and I'm sure we will be ordering from you again.'
Kind regards, Clare, WIgan

'Hi Peter, Just a brief note to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for the excellent customer service, when I placed the order for David’s leaving gift. He absolutely loved both the Black Pine and the autographed books. After working together for ten years, thanks to you both he had something he loved to remind him of us. Thanks again.'
Teresa, Aylesbury

'A short note to confirm that the two trees ordered from you yesterday arrived this morning and they are truly beautiful. I shall take great care of them as their new guardian although you leave giant shoes for me to try to fill. May I also say a huge thank you to you, Adam and to Peter Chan for the quite stunning service when I telephoned yesterday. You gave your time and great assistance, as well as clear and concise guidance to a beginner which was so helpful. I have joined the Herons ‘Premier Membership Scheme’ as a result, and I look forward to meeting you at a workshop within the next few weeks. Many thanks once again.'
Peter, St Albans

'Peter Chan, Thanks for the prompt despatch of my order and the nice gesture of the extra set of shohin stands.'
Robert, Kingswood

'I have just received my order of a Larch, and have to praise everyone for this beautiful little tree which arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It is actually for my son who (unlike me) is experienced with Bonsai, and I know he will be thrilled with his present. Thank you all.'
Marion, Church Stretton

'Thank you to Mr Chan for his generosity and also because his Bonsai Book (the one you have at discount just now) was the very first book I bought on Bonsai and is responsible for me taking up this interest.......I will read it again and perhaps this time I will remember what it says and be more successful in Bonsai! ha ha.'
William, Fife

'Trees arrived today - delighted with both. Look forward to ordering from you in the future.'
John, Dunsfold

'Many thanks for taking time out this morning to discuss my requirements. It was appreciated. Once again many thanks for your time earlier today. Have a great day.'
Mary, Newquay

'I did not expect the juniper to arrive this morning in time for Father's Day. I thought parcels to N I took two days. You made my day!'
Sue, Mansfield

'I would like to thank you for the beautiful Serissa which you sent last week. It is really great and is settling into its new home. I am inspired to start my father on bonsai as I think it is a hobby he would relish. I would like to order a Chinese Elm for him as it is his birthday tomorrow. Would there be any chance of dispatching the tree today if I order it now?' (Yes, We did!)
John, Dunsfold

'My bonsai arrived safely this morning. It is beautiful. Thank you so much.'
Saleem, Bedford

'I got the parcel on Thursday. Thank you very much for the tree. That was very kind of you. Do you stock seedlings of White Beech as I want to make an order in the near future along with some other Maple seedlings. Thank you again and God Bless.'
Craig, Sheffield