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Evergreen Starter Bonsai Trees

Herons Bonsai's Selection of Evergreen Starter Bonsai Trees
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Juniper Blaaws Starter Tree
Juniper Blaaws Starter Bonsai tree size, shape and thickness will vary (approximate size from top of the soil 45cm tall)
Cryptomeria Japonica Vilmoriana - Starter Material
Cryptomeria Japonica Vilmoriana starter material. Approximately 26-31cm tall and in a flower pot.
Picea 'Glauca Perfecta'
Picea 'glauca perfecta' in a plastic flower pot approximately 45-55cm tall.
Cryptomeria Japonica 'Yokohama' - Starter Material
Cryptomeria Japonica Yokohama starter material. Approximately 28-39cm tall and in a flower pot. Please note that the size, shape and height will vary.
DIY Chinese Juniper
In this DIY Chinese Juniper " Blaaws" Bonsai making kit you will receive a tree, plastic pot and wire to shape (approximate size from top of the soil to tree 40-46cm)