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Evergreen Starter Bonsai Trees

Herons Bonsai's Selection of Evergreen Starter Bonsai Trees
Our Products
English Yew Bonsai Starter Tree
English Yew Bonsai starter tree approximately 70-85cm tall in a plastic pot. Please note that they will vary in size and shape.
San Jose Juniper Starter Tree
Own grown San Jose Juniper Starter Bonsai tree size, shape and thickness will vary (approximate size 16-25cm tall)
Mugo Pine | Starter Tree Material
Mugo Pine stater material approximately 39-41cm tall and in a flower pot.
Common Juniper Starter Tree
Common Juniper Starter Bonsai. The size, shape and trunk size will vary approximate height 30-40cm.
hinoki cypress starter bonsai trees | set of 3
A Set of Three Hinoki Cypress Starter Bonsai Trees in plastic pots. Please note the size, thickness and height of the trees will vary.
English Yew Starter Trees 5 | herons bonsai
Choose from 1, 5 or 10 Yew trees of varying sizes. Ideal trees for making individual bonsai or for Groups or Forests.