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Evergreen Starter Bonsai Trees

Herons Bonsai's Selection of Evergreen Starter Bonsai Trees
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Juniper Blaaws Starter Tree
Juniper Blaaws Starter Bonsai tree size, shape and thickness will vary (approximate size from top of the soil 45cm tall)
Picea 'Spruce'
Picea 'Spruce' in a plastic pot and up to a meter in height. One of our most popular material for workshops and DIY projects. See Peter's YouTube video on how to make this into a stunning bonsai. That video has over 1.1 million views!!!
Scots Pine Bonsai Making Kit
Scots Pine Starter Tree Bonsai Making Kit includes tree, pot, soil and wire to shape.
Picea 'Glauca Perfecta'
Picea 'glauca perfecta' in a plastic flower pot approximately 40-55cm tall (bottom of pot to top of tree - the tree is approximately 25-33cm)
Cryptomeria Japonica 'Yokohama' - Starter Material
Cryptomeria Japonica Yokohama starter material. Approximately 28-39cm tall and in a flower pot. Please note that the size, shape and height will vary.
Picea Bonsai Making Kit
Christmas Special - Picea Bonsai Making Kit, includes: Picea, Plastic Pot, Wire & Soil.
Scots Pine Starter Tree
Scots Pine Starter Tree in a plastic pot, approximately 35-50cm tall each one will vary slightly in size, shape and trunk thickness