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Herons Bonsai Finest Selection Of Mountain Maple Bonsai

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Paperbark Maple Bonsai Starter Tree
1 x Paperbark Maple
Mountain Maples 15 Each
Mountain Maples 15 each. Please note that size, height and trunk thickness will vary (approximately 30-50cm tall)
Kabudachi/Clump style Mountain Maple AA2
Kabudachi/Clump style Mountain Maple AA2
Out Of Stock
Japanese Maple| 13 Tree Forest | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely outdoor deciduous Acer Palmatum (Maple) Forest, approx 13 trees Displayed in an oval ceramic bonsai pot and approximately 60-76cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
Mountain Maple Forest
Mountain Maple Bonsai Forest, planted in an oval plastic Bonsai pot, stands approximately 70cm tall.
Mountain Maple Bonsai
Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree, great to start with. Approximately 25-30cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.
mountain maple bonsai tree | kabudachi clump | herons bonsai
Multi-Trunk, Great branch structure, Around 70cm Tall, Unglazed ceramic bonsai pot.
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Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Mountain Maple Bonsai stands approximately 100-104cm tall. This item is a collection only due to its size.
Mountain Maples 10 Each
Mountain Maples 10 each. Various heights and trunk thickness.
Field Maple Starter Tree Kit
Grown on the nursery, these Maples are ready for making into bonsai. Please note that they will vary in size, shape and height (anywhere from 25-65cm) this kit comes with a plastic oval pot
Mountain Maple Bonsai
Lovely Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree. Approximately 27-30cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.