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Deciduous Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Deciduous Bonsai Trees.

Most of the broadleaf trees are deciduous i.e. they put out new leaves in the Spring and shed them in autumn. The leaves are usually fresh green or red when they emerge in the Spring and take on their autumn tints in the Fall. Even without their leaves in winter, they are stunning to look. Indeed many important bonsai exhibitions are held in winter just to display the delicate silhouette images of these trees.

They are very easy to grow, but you must keep them well watered in the summer. In winter they need very little attention.

Latest - Sorry if many of the deciduous trees are now sold. With the shortage of supply of imported Japanese trees during the past year, all our stock from previous years are in great demand. We are having to grow our own and this takes time!
Our Products
Mountain Maple Bonsai
Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree, great to start with. Approximately 25-30cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.
larch group bonsai forest
Larch Group/Forest Collection of 11 Trees, Peak around 60cm Tall, in a Plastic Oval Bonsai Pot.
Ginkgo Biloba Bonsai Tree
Ginkgo Biloba Bonsai tree in a ceramic pot approximately 40-43cm tall and approximately 12 years old. An interesting addition to your bonsai collection.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn Redwood Forest - 5 Trees| herons bonsai
Chinese Larch Group Bonsai Forest. Compiled from 5 Trees and in Ceramic Bonsai Pot.
Chinese Quince ‘Pseudocydonia sinensis’
This is a lovely flowering Chinese Quince, approximately 52cm tall. Planted in a plastic pot.
larch group bonsai forest
Larch Group/Forest Collection of 7 Trees, Peak around 70cm Tall, in Ceramic Oval Bonsai Pot.
Japanese Maple | Large
Outdoor Decidous Acer Palmatum stands approximately 70-76cm tall and displayed in a blue glazed shallow oval bonsai pot. This Pictures was taken in September 2018. COLLECTION ONLY.
Larch Tree
Larch Tree field grown material
english oak bonsai tree | herons bonsai
Beautiful Oak Bonsai Tree, Semi Shaped with some room for some shaping to be done if wanted. They are planted in nice plastic bonsai pots.
ginkgo biloba bonsai tree
One Ginkgo Bonsai Tree, approximately 4-6 years old and in a plastic pot.
Contorted Hazel Bonsai Tree
Large and beautiful contorted Hazel Bonsai.
Carved Ligustrum 'Privet' Bonsai in Primitive Style Bonsai Pot
This large Privet has been carved and is displayed in a Primitive Style Bonsai Pot. It is a unique piece and is COLLECTION ONLY.