Peter Chan's Bonsai Books

Peter Chan is one of the most respected bonsai authors in the world.

His first book 'Bonsai - The art of growing and keeping miniature trees' (first published in 1985) is a world best seller and is still in print. This, together with his other seven books have been the inspiration and instigator of many a bonsai enthusiast's interest in the hobby. Many of his books have been translated into most of the major European languages - his first two books have in fact been translated into eight languages!

There are literally thousands of bonsai enthusiasts the world over who owe their interest to Peter's books. Artists such as Sandro Segniri read nothing but Peter's first book for two years when he embarked on his bonsai journey. Peter continues to receive testimonials from fans throughout the world. Just the testimonials from readers could fill a book!
Peter Chan's Books