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Tokoname-Bonsai Pots

The high quality ceramics made in Tokoname are known throughout Japan and the world as Tokoname-ware. Even today, approximately half of the manufacturing output is ceramic based. Although a large amount of this is industrial ceramics (everything from pipes to hi-tech components), ceramic artworks and rustic pottery in Tokoname have a history which dates back about 900 years. Visitors to Tokoname can admire these beautiful works of art through ceramic galleries, museums, and other attractions located throughout the city, and can also experience making Tokoname-Bonsai Pots in several of the small studios.

The history of Tokoname-ware

There have been kilns in use in Tokoname to make Bonsai Pots possibly since the later stages of the Heian period. Ancient kilns have been discovered all over Japan, from Hiroshima to as far north as Aomori Prefecture - but the number of kilns counted in Tokoname number over 3000, more than any other area of Japan.

They are believed to be the oldest kilns in the history of Japanese ceramics In the 14th and 15th century, the production of religious items slowly decreased as the demand for items used in everyday household life increased. As a result, Tokoname-ware began to be sold for profit.

One of Tokoname's most famous items, the red clay teapot, was created in the 19th century for the first time. This pot is now being mass-produced, along with many other items made to meet the needs of modern lifestyles, such as tableware, tea cups, pipes, flower pots, and what are considered by many to be the best Bonsai Pots in the world.
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