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Herons Bonsai Collection Of Mulberry Bonsai Trees

A tree which has lots of character as they have gnarled old trunks and fruit regualarly.
They need a bit of protection in winter like the Trident Maple, but otherwise an easy subject.
Flowers in early Spring with dard red fruit in June/July.
Our Products
mulberry bonsai tree large
Large Mulberry Bonsai Tree. Please call before purchasing this item.
mulberry bonsai tree large
This Large (approx 72cm tall) Mulberry Bonsai Tree in a flower pot would be a fantastic project for someone wanting to practise their carving skills. Lovely trunk and good size tree.
Mulberry Starter Material
Mulberry Starter Material, please note that each tree will vary in size, shape, and trunk. Approximately 25-35cm and in a flower pot.