Semi-Trained Bonsai Trees

Semi Trained Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Workshop and Semi-Trained Bonsai Trees

As we grow most of our own hardy outdoor bonsai, we have massive stocks of trees which are in the process of being trained and refined. These are ideal for workshops and for learning about bonsai and cost a fraction of what finished bonsai cost. Many of our bonsai workshop students use semi trained trees. Sometimes they come just to practice on them to improve their bonsai skills. 
Our Products
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine | 595 | herons bonsai
Japanese Black Pine with cork bark, approximately 46-47cm tall in a lovely ceramic bonsai pot.
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine | herons bonsai
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine, approximately 50cm tall in a glazed ceramic bonsai pot.
Serrisa Bonsai Landscape
Beautiful Serrisa Bonsai Tree Landscape with rocks and accent plants, due to the nature of this piece it is COLLECTION ONLY. Approximately 27-30cm tall
trident maple | semi trained
Semi trained Field maple bonsai tree. Around 40cm tall. Plastic training pot.