Semi-Trained Bonsai Trees

Workshop & Semi-Trained Material For Bonsai 

The UK's Finest Selection Of Workshop and Semi-Trained Bonsai Trees

As we grow most of our own hardy outdoor bonsai, we have massive stocks of trees which are in the process of being trained and refined. These are ideal for workshops and for learning about bonsai and cost a fraction of what finished bonsai cost. Many of our students who prefer to make their own bonsai use this material. Sometimes they come just to practice on them to improve their bonsai skills.This is ideal material which must be seen to be believed.
Our Products
japanese yew bonsai tree
Semi Trained Mature Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree, Around 55cm Tall, complete in plastic bonsai pot.
X-tra - Larger Yew
Extra Large Yew Tree Material For planting, cuttings or growing.
european hornbeam - large (semi trained) bonsai
Large Semi Trained European Hornbeam Bonsai Tree, Around 90cm Tall, Partially wired up
Taxus baccata Wired English Yew Bonsai | Herons Bonsai
Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree and in plastic bonsai pot. Great as a starter tree.
Hinoki Cypress Landscape
Lovely Hinoki Cypress Landscape, around 57cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
european ash bonsai tree | semi trained
Stunning Semi Trained European Ash Bonsai Tree, This Tree Has A Huge Trunk, With Lots Of Character. Around 60cm Tall, In Plastic Bonsai Pot.
Pine Bonsai Tree Landscape
Beautiful Pine Bonsai Tree Landscape, between 44 & 47cm tall, displayed in a Bonsai Pot. COLLECTION ONLY
japanese yew bonsai tree
Semi Trained Mature Wired Taxus baccata 'English Yew or Common Yew', this one is around 55cm tall and is complete in plastic bonsai pot. We have these in varying sizes and all slightly different in style.
literati cedar of lebanon literati bonsai tree
Literati Cedar of Lebanon Literati Bonsai Tree, Around 65cm Tall, Mica Pot
tridents ?39
Tridents ?39
Trident ?245 oval pot
Trident ?245 oval pot
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine | 95 | herons bonsai
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine, approximately 44-45cm tall in a green ceramic bonsai pot.