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Bonsai Drip Trays

These Under trays or Drip Trays are indispensible for Indoor bonsai as they collect the water that runs through the drainage
holes after watering. The plastic trays are deeper than the ceramic ones, so hold water better.

The pebbles are good for creating a humid enviroment for bonsai, in particular the Ficus. 
Our Products
under tray Size B
Plastic Drip Tray for your bonsai
Blue Ceramic Under tray (18.5cm)
Ceramic Drip Tray for your bonsai tree. These are a popular request from out customers.
Oval Under Tray / Drip Tray
Plastic Oval Drip Tray to put under your pot.
under tray pebbles
Decorative pebbles that improve humidity for your bonsai.