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Dingmu Bonsai Tools

The UK's Finest Selection Of Japanese Dingmu Bonsai Tools

These bonsai tools are made of high-alloy steel with a hardness of HRC 54-56. The quality is comparable to those of high quality Japanese tools that are manufactured to Japanese quality criteria. These tools are made of stainless steel and the surfaces are finely ground and polished.
Our Products
200mm Branch Cutter
200mm Stainless Steel Bonsai Branch Cutter from Dingmu.
narrow trimming scissors
18cm Narrow Black Stainless Steel Bonsai Trimming Scissors.
Hybrid Branch Cutters 165mm
165mm High Quality Hybrid Branch Cutter from Digmu.
Out Of Stock
Leaf Pruning Bonsai Scissors | 155mm
High quality 155m Leaf Pruning Scissors.
High Quality 170mm Bonsai Wire Cutter
170mm High Quality Bonsai Wire Cutters from Dingmu. Bonsai wire cutters used for wiring or removing wire from trees without damaging the trunk or branches.
Dingmu Folding Saw 180mm
Dingmu High Quality Folding Saw 180mm.