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Herons Bonsai Selection of Bonsai Clamps & Branch Benders

For those who prefer using something else other than wire to bend trunks and branches, the 'Branch bender' or 'Clamp' is the answer. It will bend at a specific point - it will not leave wire marks and is so easy to use. The ones we offer here are made in Japan and come in four sizes.

If you have not used them before - give it a go!
Our Products
heavy duty branch bender xtra-large size
Heavy duty Branch Bender dimensions of tool: 10cm x 7.5cm
super size very heavy duty branch bender
Super Size very heavy duty bonsai branch bender
large heavy duty branch bender
Large Heavy Duty Branch Bender
super size very heavy duty branch bender
Branch bending tool for bonsai branches. Used for bending stubborn trunks and branches into the desired shape. Dimensions of the tool: 13cm x 9cm