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Herons Bonsai Selection of Bonsai Soil & Moss

We stock a huge range of specialist soils for bonsai cultivation.

We have our own tried and tested General Bonsai Soil, and the various Japanese soils such as Akadama, Kanuma, Kiryu, Heuga etc. We supply them in a variety of sizes by popular request.
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Fuji Grit | Volcanic Rock Salt
Fuji Grit (Volcanic Rock Salt) is a suitable medium for giving both draining as well as providing some moisture retention. It can also be used as a top dressing if required.
Sphagnum Moss - small bag
Sphagnum moss is a great gorowing medium for trees that have weak roots. It can also be used for mixing with Kanuma for potting Satsukis, for Air-Layering (one bag for one air layers) or for reviving sick bonsai. You can also sprinkle some on top of the soil as it holds in moisture.
stainless steel bonsai soil scoop set
Set of 3 high quality stainless steel bonsai soil scoops.
japanese stainless steel soil sieve
Japanese Bonsai Soil Sieve Stainless Steel with 3 interchangable Mesh Sizes (30cm)
Akadama Bonsai Soil [14L]
Akadama Bonsai Soil [14L]
Hyuga Bonsai Soil 18L
Hyuga Bonsai drainage medium in 18L bags. Used for larger pots, we suggest using a layer of this at the bottom on your pot with soil on the top.
Kanuma Bonsai Mix 2L
Ideal to use with Satsuki Azaleas. Kanuma is a granular compound used for Ericaceous (acid loving) bonsai, our mix has spagnum moss included in it.
Kyodama & Akadama Bonsai Mix 2L
Kyodama & Kiryuzuna Pumice Bonsai Mix 2L bags. This can be mixed with soil to give structure and drainage.
indoor bonsai soil mix 2l
Indoor Bonsai Soil Mix 2L
outdoor evergreen bonsai soil mix
Outdoor (Evergreen) Bonsai Soil Mix [2L]
outdoor deciduous bonsai soil mix
Outdoor (Deciduous) Bonsai Soil Mix 2L
shohin akadama bonsai soil
Shohin Akadama Bonsai Soil 2L]