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Herons Bonsai Selection of Bonsai Feeds & Fertilisers
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naruko slow release bonsai feed | 300g
Granular Naruko fertilizer is a granular slow release feed that has a rapid uptake by bonsai trees The bonsai feed is shaped so it has limited roll off from the soil.
Bonsai Plantfood - 250ml | Herons Bonsai UK
Premium Bonsai Plantfood. Feed Bonsai once a week for healthy trees.
35ml x 10 bottles Plant Tonic
Plant tonic, to be used when growing plants on.
bonsai fertiliser baskets | 10 pack
Pack of 10 Fertiliser Baskets. Prevents birds removing solid fertilisers
Indoor Feed Kit (2xFeed,snips, bonsai basics, leaf shine) | Herons Bonsai
What a deal this is. All you need to keep your indoor bonsai looking healthy. 2 x Liquid Feed, 1 x Leaf Shine, 1 x Bonsai Snips and 1 x Bonsai Basics Handbook
Outdoor Feed Kit
What a deal this is. All you need to keep your outdoor bonsai looking healthy.