Trident Maple | Specimen Bonsai
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Trident Maple Specimen Bonsai Tree
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Large Trident, Around 70cm Tall, Unglazed Ceramic Pot
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The Trident Maple is a popular outdoor deciduous tree that is easy to train and also a fast-growing plant, which will rapidly produce a thick trunk with lots of character. The attractive leaves turn pink in autumn, and in winter the fine branch and twig structure gives the trees an elegant outline. Trident maple, which is often grown in the root-over-rock style, is a firm favourite with bonsai enthusiasts.

Young plants are easy to train and are widely available from bonsai nurseries. Although trident maple, which is native to eastern China, Korea and Japan, is hardy, like other maples it requires some protection in areas where winter temperatures fall below -3°C. It prefers full sun in the growing season, but it also benefits from partial shade when temperatures exceed 27°C, because strong direct sunshine will scorch its leaves. 

Never allow trident to dry out completely during the growing season; nor should they be overwatered. Wait until the surface is slightly dry before watering. In spring and summer  you might have to water twice a day. In winter, make sure the compost remains moist.

Please Note: The picture is for guidance only. It is not generally possible to send the tree in the picture. We may need to send you one that's similar in terms of size, shape, pot and age. The appearance of the tree may vary depending on the season.
General Care of Outdoor Bonsai

In many ways outdoor Bonsai can be easier to look after than indoor species. However, here are some general instructions.

All Bonsai need sunlight some will thrive given direct sunlight and other will tolerate some shade (check each species for more information).
Protect the tree during prolonged cold periods. Either in a shed or unheated greenhouse.

Watering is the key to keeping the bonsai alive. In dry spells water your bonsai regularly ensuring that soil is damp but not soggy wet

Pruning Shoots 
Prune new growth regularly to maintain the shape of the bonsai.
If you don't prune often the tree will lose its shape and become straggly.
Prune when new shoots grow which is normally in Spring and Summer.

Pruning Roots or Re-potting
Re-pot or root prune only when the tree gets pot bound,
Usually every two or three years.
Spring is the best time for doing this.
Prune enough roots off to make space for new soil.

Feed once a month during the growing season usually Spring- Summer.
Use liquid or pellet fertiliser (always read the label for instructions)

Visit our FAQ page for more advice.