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Deciduous Starter Bonsai

Herons Bonsai's Selection of Deciduous Starter Bonsai Trees
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dawn redwood bonsai - starter tree
Dawn Redwood Bonsai Starter Tree in a plastic pot.
ginkgo starter bonsai trees | set of two
Set of Two Ginkgo Starter Bonsai Trees in plastic pots.
english beech starter bonsai trees
Set of 4 English Beech Bonsai Starter Trees, Around 5/6 Years Old. These trees are good for use in Bonsai. Varying sizes and in plastic pots.
bonsai starter tree bundle | 10 trees
Selection of 10 starter outdoor bonsai trees, 10 x bonsai pots, 2 x bags of bonsai soil, 2 x coils of bonsai wire, bonsai scissors and bonsai liquid feed. Please note if ordering from September onwards many trees won't have foliage.
Oak Starter Tree
Oak starter tree in a flower pot. Please note sizes and appearance will vary.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Bonsai Starter Trees | set of two
Two Cercidiphyllum japonicum Bonsai Starter Trees.
Ginkgo biloba Bonsai Starter Tree
One Ginkgo Bonsai Tree, approximately 33-40cm tall and planted and in a flower pot.
Beech | Individual Starter Trees | Herons Bonsai
Individual Beech Starter trees of various sizes.
ginkgo biloba bonsai tree
One Ginkgo Bonsai Tree, approximately 4-6 years old and in a plastic pot.
larch bonsai  | starter trees
Choose from 1, 5 or 10 Larch trees of varying sizes. Ideal trees for making Groups or Forests.
Carpinus betulus 'Common Hornbeam' Bonsai - Starter Tree
Carpinus betulus 'Common Hornbeam' Bonsai - Starter Tree sold in a plastic pot