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Starter Bonsai Trees

We have the Finest Selection Of Starter Bonsai Trees for you if you wish to grow your bonsai from scratch - and some people do. Sowing from seed is one way of making bonsai from scratch but this can be a long tedious process. The other approach is to use young trees and shrubs which are already established, so you have a head start to begin with.  This is how we at Herons make most of our hardy bonsai and these "Starters" are the ideal material for your bonsai journey. Watch Peter's YouTube videos to see what can be achieved in just a few minutes with just some wire and pruninng.

Most of the varieties offered here are hardy and easy to grow. They are also very popular on our workshops. The conifers in particular are very easy to wire into recognisable bonsai shapes and are extremely hardy. They don't even need protection from the frosts.
The ones on special offer are very good value.
Our Products
Camellia Starter Tree
Camellia Bonsai Starter Tree Material, comes in a plastic pot. Please note that the trunk, shape, thickness and height will vary from tree to tree. Approximately 40-55cm.
Mountain Maples 10 Each
Mountain Maples 10 each. Various heights and trunk thickness.
Field Maple Starter Tree Kit
Grown on the nursery, these Maples are ready for making into bonsai. Please note that they will vary in size, shape and height (anywhere from 25-65cm) this kit comes with a plastic oval pot
Mountain Maples 19 Each
Mountain Maples 19 each. Please note that size, shape, height and trunk thickness will vary (approximately 30-50cm tall)
Picea 'Spruce'
Picea 'Spruce' in a plastic pot and up to a meter in height.
Picea 'Glauca Perfecta'
Picea 'glauca perfecta' in a plastic flower pot approximately 45-55cm tall.