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Ibigawa Pool rock B
Beautiful Ibigawa Pool rock B. This piece of Ibigawa is in the form of a pool which will hold water. Dimensions: 33x27x20cm
Ibigawa Rock D
Lovely Ibigawa Rock, This particular piece of Ibigawa rock has a smooth texture, very much like a water worn stone. 41x26x23cm
Ibigawa pool rock E
Ibigawa pool rock, Another of our interesting Ibigawa pool rocks. This one measures 39x24x18cm
Ibigawa Pool rock J
Stunning Ibigawa Pool rock, This is probably one of our best examples of Ibigawa Pool rock. 42x27x23cm
Ibigawa rock G -
Beautiful Ibigawa rock for bonsai. Dimensions: 38x23x25cm.