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Rocks For Bonsai

Rocks have always been an integral part of bonsai.

The Chinese incorporate a lot of rocks in their Penjing or landscape plantings and it is through that tradition that rocks have come to be used in bonsai today.

The Japanese (Similarly to the Chinese) also use rocks in their bonsai, but as with all Japanese aesthetics, their use is rather subtle and understated.

In Japanese bonsai, great use is made of the volcanic Ibigawa rock. This is a very distinctive type of rock, often carved and enhanced by dipping in acid to accentuate the interesting rock texture.

Here we are offering for the first time a variety of classic Ibigawa rock. Most of the pieces are from Peter's extensive collection which he has collected and acquired from his travels in Japan. Many have been used in his famous Chelsea Flower Show displays.
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Ibigawa Pool rock B
Beautiful Ibigawa Pool rock B. This piece of Ibigawa is in the form of a pool which will hold water. Dimensions: 33x27x20cm
Ibigawa Rock D
Lovely Ibigawa Rock, This particular piece of Ibigawa rock has a smooth texture, very much like a water worn stone. 41x26x23cm
Ibigawa pool rock E
Ibigawa pool rock, Another of our interesting Ibigawa pool rocks. This one measures 39x24x18cm
Ibigawa Pool rock J
Stunning Ibigawa Pool rock, This is probably one of our best examples of Ibigawa Pool rock. 42x27x23cm
Ibigawa rock G -
Beautiful Ibigawa rock for bonsai. Dimensions: 38x23x25cm.
Suiseki A2 Water basin rock | Herons Bonsai
This is a water basin and is probably Ibigawa rock - It measures 18cm long x 16cm wide. Beautifully smooth and rounded on the edges. Fairly heavy piece and holds water.