Herons Bonsai Finest Selection Of Trident Maple Bonsai

This popular maple for bonsai is a fast-growing plant, which will rapidly produce a thick trunk with lots of character. The attractive leaves turn pink in autumn, and in winter the fine branch and twig structure gives the trees an elegant outline. Trident maple, which is often grown in the root-over-rock style, is a firm favourite with all bonsai enthusiasts. Young plants are easy to train and are widely available from bonsai nurseries.

Although trident maple (zone 6), which is native to eastern China, Korea and Japan, is hardy, like other maples it requires some protection in areas where winter temperatures fall below -3°C (27°F). It prefers full sun in the growing season, but it also benefits from partial shade when temperatures exceed 27°C (80°F), because strong direct sunshine will scorch its leaves.

Repot trident maple every other year, during early spring, when the buds are about to break. But check the rootball first: if the plant is not pot.
Trident Maples