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Japanese Maple| 13 Tree Forest | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely outdoor deciduous Acer Palmatum (Maple) Forest, approx 13 trees Displayed in an oval ceramic bonsai pot and approximately 60-76cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
Red Japanese Maple Forest
Lovely outdoor deciduous Japanese Maple Bonsai Forest (approx 10 trees) approximately 40-55cm tall and displayed in a shallow plastic bonsai pots.
diy maple forest 21 trees + ?89 pot
DIY Maple forest 11 trees + 89 pot. Please contact us for dates before booking.
Mountain Maple Forest A1
Mountain Maple Forest A1
mountain maple forest a3
This is another of our very popular Mountain Maple forests. It is a dense looking group with many trees and planted in a nice ceramic oval pot.
Mountain Maple | Large Forest | COLLECTION ONLY
Beautiful Mountain Maple Bonsai Forest, approximately 16 Japanese Maple Bonsai Trees, In an unglazed round Bonsai pot. Picture was taken in early October.