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Herons Bonsai Collection of Cotoneaster Bonsai Trees

One of the easiest flowering species to grow. All cotoneasters have delicate white/pink blossom followed by bright red fruit. Their flexible stems lend themselves to wiring and nice S shape trees can be created quite easily from young material.

The bonsai we supply are well established plants.
Our Products
Cotoneaster @79
Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree, between 36 & 41cm tall and in a plastic pot
Cotoneaster Tree - 165
Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree displayed in a rectangular pot and between 32-40cm tall and planted in a ceramic bonsai pot.
cotoneaster tree
Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree displayed in a round plastic pot and approximately 41-44cm tall. This tree has year round interest with foliage, flowers and then berries before the leaves turn a beautiful deep red colour.
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