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The UK's Finest Collection Of Camellia Bonsai Trees

Camellias are among the most beautiful flowering shrubs to have been introduced to the West from China and Japan. Although they produce handsome, glossy, dark green leaves, they are grown for their lovely flowers, which vary in colour from white to deep red and in shape from single to formal double. The flowers are borne from winter to spring. Camellias with small leaves make excellent bonsai and are best grown in the informal upright style

Where to keep them

Camellias (zones 6-8) are found in the wild in woodlands from northern India to China and Japan, and some species occur in Java and Indonesia. Most are hardy in temperate areas and, even when there is snow on the ground, flowers will still appear. However, you should move your bonsai to a frost-free place if prolonged periods with temperatures below 2C (10F) are forecast. If plants are outside in late winter or early spring, position them so early morning sun does not damage frosted buds. Heavy rain also harms delicate blooms. Camellias should be kept in partial shade in the growing season as excessive sun will scorch the leaves.
Our Products
Camellia Bonsai Tree
Lovely flowering Camellia Bonsai Tree in a plastic bonsai pot between 35-50cm tall.
Camellia Starter Tree
Camellia Bonsai Starter Tree Material, comes in a plastic pot. Please note that the trunk, shape, thickness and height will vary from tree to tree. Approximately 40-55cm.