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Flowering and Fruiting Bonsai Trees

Our Products
flowering japanese apricot (prunus mume) | Herons Bonsai
Gorgeous Winter Flowering, large Japanese Apricot (Prunus Mume), approximately 53cm tall in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Mulberry Bonsai Tree
Lovely thick trunked Mulberry Bonsai tree, approximately 40cm tall and in a ceramic pot.
pyracantha bonsai tree landscape
Beautiful Pyracantha Bonsai Tree landscape, approximately 39-42cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
tamarisk tree
Tamarisk Tree, Around 80cm Tall with massive trunk
Wisteria Bonsai Tree | Large
Beautiful Wisteria Bonsai Tree, approximately 63-64cm tall in a plastic pot.
Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree|  herons bonsai
Flowering and fruiting cotoneaster bonsai tree, between 27-28cm tall in a ceramic pot.
Fig ?89B
OUTDOOR, Large sized Edible Fig Tree, around 65cm Tall.
edible fig tree - large
Our largest size Edible Fig Tree, Around 70cm Tall and 40 Years Old.
mulberry bonsai tree large
This Large (approx 50cm tall) Mulberry Bonsai Tree in a flower pot would be a fantastic project for someone wanting to practise their carving skills. Lovely trunk and good size tree.
Miniature Crab Apple Bonsai
Miniature Crab Apple Bonsai Tree which is approximately 40cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Miniature Crab Apple Bonsai
This lovely looking Crab Apple Bonsai is approximately 34-36cm tall and is planted in a ceramic bonsai pot.
forsythia bonsai
Forsythia Bonsai Tree approximately 26-28cm tall and in either an oval or rectangular ceramic bonsai pot.