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Flowering and Fruiting Bonsai Trees

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Mulberry Bonsai Tree
Outdoor Mulberry Bonsai Tree planted in a plastic pot, between 38-42cm tall. These lovely trees produce fruits too.
mulberry bonsai tree large
Large Mulberry Bonsai Tree. Please call before purchasing this item.
tamarisk tree
Tamarisk Tree, Around 80cm Tall and about 20 Years Old
pyracantha bonsai tree
Pyracantha Bonsai, 40cm Tall, Ceramic Pot
Crab Apple Bonsai ceramic Pot | £89
This lovely looking Crab Apple Bonsai is planted in a round green glazed pot which displays this tree beautifully, it is approximately 36-42cm tall and though it is a deciduous tree gives year round interest.
large miniature apple bonsai tree | herons bonsai
Lovely Crab Apple Bonsai Tree that is approximately 56cm tall Displayed in an oval plastic pot.
Blue / Purple Wisteria Cutting in a flower pot
Blue / Purple Wisteria cutting, grown at Herons and about a year old, various sizes (between 30-45cm tall and 4-10mm thick)
cotoneaster tree
Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree displayed in a rectangular pot and approximately 35-40cm tall.
fuji cherry bonsai - large size
Prunus incisa ‘ kojo-no-mai’ or Fuji Cherry Bonsai approximately 55cm tall and in a blue ceramic pot.
pyracantha bonsai tree
Pyracantha Bonsai, 32cm Tall, Ceramic Pot
Fig A
Lovely Edible Fig Bonsai Tree, Around 45cm Tall.
pyracantha bonsai tree
Pyracantha Bonsai, 30cm Tall, Ceramic Pot