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Herons Bonsai Selection Of Yew Bonsai Trees

In recent years, English yew have become popular as bonsai. These traditional garden trees have only recently caught the imagination of bonsai enthusiasts. They are suitable for most styles, but particularly for bonsai where there is lots of driftwood. They can be created from the superfluous branches. Yew has lovely, dark green foliage, and new shoots grow easily from old wood. Ready trained plants can be found in most bonsai nurseries, and nursery material is easy to train into bonsai.

Common yew are native to Europe, east into Iran and north Africa, while Japanese yew are native in north-east China and Japan. Both species are hardy in temperate areas, but in areas that experience prolonged temperatures below -5C (23F) move plants to a frost free greenhouse or shed. Piece species in full sun in summer.
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Taxus | Yew Bonsai
Lovely Yew Bonsai tree in a ceramic bonsai pot. Please note that it isn't uncommon for the foliage to turn orange in the winter, this is normal and will turn green in the spring. The size is approx 35cm to 45cm
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English Yew Bonsai Starter Tree
English Yew Bonsai starter tree approximately 30-40cm tall in a plastic pot. Please note that they will vary in size and shape and trunk thickness.
Carved Taxus baccata 'English Yew' Bonsai
This is a one off English Yew Bonsai Tree that has had some carving done to increase the overall appearance of the tree. Planted in a drum pot and stands approximately 47-50cm tall. It isn't uncommon for the foliage to turn orange in the winter this is completely normal.
English Yew Bonsai Tree
Wired and shaped Yew Bonsai Tree planted in a plastic pot and approximately 42-46cm tall.
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