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Herons Bonsai Selection Of Spruce & Conifer Bonsai Trees

Our Products
Picea 'Spruce'
Picea 'Spruce' in a plastic pot and up to a meter in height.
Picea 'Glauca Perfecta'
Picea 'glauca perfecta' in a plastic flower pot approximately 40-55cm tall (bottom of pot to top of tree - the tree is approximately 25-33cm)
Picea Bonsai Forest
Lovely outdoor Picea Bonsai Forest, approximately 45-50cm tall and in a ceramic oval pot.
Picea Bonsai Making Kit
Christmas Special - Picea Bonsai Making Kit, includes: Picea, Plastic Pot, Wire & Soil.
Picea Conica Bonsai Landscape
Lovely Picea Bonsai Tree Landscape in an oval mica pot approximately 55-60cm tall. Please note you would need to collect this from the nursery.