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Herons Bonsai Selection Of Other Pine Bonsai Trees

Our Products
Outdoor Scots Pine Bonsai
Lovely Scots Pine Bonsai Tree, stands approximately 70-75cm tall and planted in a mica pot.
Beuvronensis Pine Bonsai Landscape
Beuvronensis Pine Bonsai Landscape
Outdoor Beuvronensis Pine Bonsai
Lovely Beuvronensis Pine Bonsai Tree, planted in a cascade pot and stands approximately 55cm-60cm
Mugo Pine Bonsai
Mugo Pine, approximately 42-45cm tall styled by Peter Chan this is one of several available and is planted in a plastic bonsai pot. Peter says given time they make a really beautiful bonsai.
Styled Mugo Pine Bonsai Tree
Gorgeous Mugo Pine, approximately 40-44cm tall styled by our team and planted in a drum pot.
Mugo Pine Bonsai Starter Tree
Mugo Pine Bonsai Starter Tree. Please note that each tree will vary in size, shape and trunk thickness, approximately 52-70cm tall and in a flower pot.
Outdoor Beuvronensis Pine Bonsai
Beuvronensis Pine Bonsai Tree, made by Peter Chan and stands approximately 60-62cm tall.