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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Collection of Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Bonsai growers often regard the outdoor plants as the 'real' bonsai. These are the trees and shrubs that will grow outside without special protection. Many bonsai enthusiasts grow only outdoor bonsai because they are much easier to care for and there is more scope for creativity.

As outdoor bonsai grow faster than indoor bonsai, you will see the results of reshaping, wiring and pruning much sooner. Outdoor bonsai also offer more scope for practising the hobby. Some enthusiasts make their own bonsai from garden and nursery plants, and some collect the raw material from the wild. You can also propagate your own plants from seed or cuttings or by layering.

Outdoor bonsai can be taken indoors from time to time. In fact, in countries such as China and Japan, it is traditional to use bonsai to decorate the home, but the trees are kept indoors for only short periods. After a day or two they are returned to their outdoor positions. The choice of outdoor bonsai is much wider than of indoor species.
Our Products
Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree in Drum Pot, approximately 80-85cm tall. This is a COLLECTION ONLY item.
'Yatsubusa' Dwarf Needle Juniper Rigida Bonsai
This is a stunning 'Yatsubusa' Dwarf Needle Juniper Rigida Bonsai is a rare bonsai and is planted in a cream ceramic bonsai pot and stands approximately 18-20cm tall.
Acer Japonicum or Full Moon Maple
Acer Japonicum or Full Moon Maple Bonsai Tree, a lovely outdoor tree. Approximately 41-44cm tall and in a plastic bonsai pot.
Satsuki Azalea (white/Mauve) COLLECTION ONLY
Satsuki Azalea with white and mauve flowers, approximately 80cm tall.
Chinese Juniper Landscape | COLLECTION ONLY
Chinese Juniper Landscape with rocks and planted in an oval mica bonsai pot approximately 28-31cm tall. A lovely tree to add to your outdoor collection.
Japanese White Pine Bonsai
Lovely Japanese White Pine, approximately 51-53cm tall and in a ceramic pot.
Outdoor Willow Bonsai Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Outdoor Willow Bonsai tree wired to shape by PETER Chan and planted in a ceramic pot approximately 50-52cm tall. This would need to be COLLECTED from the Nursery.
Large Forsythia Bonsai | COLLECTION ONLY
Large Forsythia Bonsai Tree. Please ask for details before purchase.
Chinese Larch Group Bonsai Forest - 5 Trees
Chinese Larch Group Bonsai Forest (outdoor, deciduous). Compiled from 5 Trees and in Ceramic Bonsai Pot, approximately 23-27cm tall, around 10 years old.
DIY Conifer Forest Bonsai
This delightful outdoor conifer DIY forest kit has all you need to create your own forest. Included are 5 trees, 1 x shallow oval pot, 1 x soil, 1 x wire.
Satsuki Azalea (White/Pink) | COLLECTION ONLY
Satsuki Azalea with White & Pink Flowers in a plastic bonsai pot approximately 90cm tall.
Japanese White Pine
Lovely Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree in a ceramic bonsai pot, approximately 50-52cm tall.
Katsura Maple Bonsai Tree
Lovely Katsura Maple Bonsai Tree, approximately 38-42cm tall and in an oval mica bonsai pot.
Crab Apple Bonsai Tree
Lovely flowering Crab Apple Bonsai Tree approximately 60-64cm tall. Displayed in a plastic pot.
Outdoors Ilex Crenata 'Japanese Holly'
Large Ilex Crenata 'Japanese Holly' Bonsai tree approximately 160-170cm tall, to be kept outside will need to be protected in winter. COLLECTION ONLY
Chinese Juniper | Itiogawa Specimen | Herons Bonsai
This is a delightful Chinese Juniper Specimen Itiogawa Bonsai Tree with an interesting shape to it and standing at approximately 84cm tall.
Cryptomeria Japonica 'Yokohama' - Starter Material
Cryptomeria Japonica Yokohama starter material. Approximately 28-39cm tall and in a flower pot. Please note that the size, shape and height will vary.
Red Deshojo Maple Bonsai Tree | COLLECTION ONLY
Red Deshojo Maple Bonsai Tree with stunning red foliage, approximately 79-82cm tall and in a bonsai pot.
Mugo Pine Bonsai
Mugo Pine, approximately 42-45cm tall styled by Peter Chan and planted in a plastic bonsai pot. This tree has had some wiring to shape it.
Outdoor Semi-Trained Maple Bonsai Tree
Acer Palmatum stands approximately 77-78cm tall and planted in a plastic bonsai pot.
Mountain Maple Bonsai | Plastic Pot
Beautiful Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree approximately 36-44cm tall and planted in a plastic bonsai pot.
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine
Lovely Black Pine which has some wire to shape, approximately 49-51cm tall and planted in a plastic bonsai pot.
Juniper 'procumbens Nana' Bonsai Tree
This Juniper 'procumbens Nana' Bonsai Tree is planted in a cascade style and sits in a lovely ceramic bonsai pot approximately 39-41cm tall, this tree is a real treat.
Outdoor European Hornbeam
Lovely European Hornbeam Bonsai Tree, stands approximately 75-80cm tall and in plastic bonsai pot.