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Deciduous Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Deciduous Bonsai Trees.

Most of the broadleaf trees are deciduous i.e. they put out new leaves in the Spring and shed them in autumn. The leaves are usually fresh green or red when they emerge in the Spring and take on their autumn tints in the Fall. Even without their leaves in winter, they are stunning to look. Indeed many important bonsai exhibitions are held in winter just to display the delicate silhouette images of these trees.

They are very easy to grow, but you must keep them well watered in the summer. In winter they need very little attention.

Latest - Sorry if many of the deciduous trees are now sold. With the shortage of supply of imported Japanese trees during the past year, all our stock from previous years are in great demand. We are having to grow our own and this takes time!
Our Products
European Ash Bonsai Tree in Flower Pot
Stunning European Ash Bonsai Tree, this has a lovely trunk, with lots of character. Around 80cm tall and in a flower pot.
Tilia or Lime Bonsai - Large
Beautiful Tilia or Lime Tree, approximately 80-82cm tall displayed in a lovely bonsai pot.
Larch Bunjin B  ?895
Larch Bunjin B ?895
small edible fig bonsai
OUTDOOR DECIDUOUS, Small Edible Fig Bonsai Tree, Around 30cm tall, complete in cream ceramic Bonsai pot
Korean Hornbeam in a Handmade Raku fired pot
This Korean Hornbeam is planted in a unique handmade, Raku fired pot (Raku firing is a ceramic technique synonymous with the Japanese Tea ceremony). Approximately 29-31cm tall.
korean hbm specimen d
This is a Korean Hornbeam with a massive trunk and good taper. Planted in a high quality Yixing Pot. A lovely tree. COLLECTION ONLY.
dawn redwood forest - 4 trees
Beautiful Dawn Redwood Group, Compiled from 10+ Large Trees, in Ceramic Bonsai Pot.
Chinese Quince ‘Pseudocydonia sinensis’
This is a lovely flowering Chinese Quince, approximately 44cm tall. Planted in a plastic pot.
dawn redwood forest - 9 trees | herons bonsai
Outdoor and Deciduous Dawn Redwood Group, Compiled from 9 Trees, in Ceramic Bonsai Pot.
Tilia or Lime Bonsai
Beautiful Tilia or Lime Tree, approximately 65-67cm tall displayed in a plastic bonsai pot.
Korean Hornbeam
Lovely Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Tree. Approximately 35-40cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Ligustrum 'Chinese Privet' | S-Shape
This is an ideal gift for beginners to bonsai. S-Shape Ligustrum displayed in a ceramic pot and approximately 30-32cm tall.