Jade Bonsai Trees

The Jade or Money Plant (Portulacaria) is a succulent and therefore requires very little water. One of the easiest indoor subjects.Considered lucky or auspicious by Chinese people as it is supposed to bring good fortune and good luck. Jade as a species is a very succulent plant. They are particularly suitable for bonsai. They develop a tree-like habit with sturdy trunks and recognizable branches. Jade plants have the added advantage of small leaves and can be made into bonsai of all styles and sizes from Mame bonsai to large specimens.

Jade bonsai are native to southern Africa and should be regarded as tender plants. They can withstand minimum temprertures of 5-7 degrees. When grown as indoor bonsai, they should be kept in a bright position, Although direct sunlight is not necessary for them to flourish.