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Ficus Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection of Ficus Bonsai Trees

The Ficus is by far the easiest of all the Indoor species for bonsai and it is a true Tropical so doesn't mind a slightly warmer room than some other bonsai.

They need a minimum temperature of about 10°C or 50°F during the Winter and kept just moist. They are vigorous growers and can stand relatively low light levels when grown indoors. Some varieties will lose all their leaves in Winter, but do not panic - they will get their new leaves in the Spring. The Ficus is certainly our most popular Indoor Bonsai.

Trim the ends of the shoots regularly to keep it dense and also to stop the shoots from getting lanky.
Our Products
Ficus Bonsai | Large
Lovely Ficus Bonsai Tree with aerial roots , between 50-55cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot. Great tree for beginners.
Large Ficus Specimen
Large Ficus Specimen Tree. Approximately 1 meter tall and wide and planted in a ceramic pot. COLLECTION ONLY
Ficus Bonsai in a Handmade Pot
Lovely Ficus Bonsai Tree planted in a handmade bonsai pot, approximately 43-45cm tall. This is a COLLECTION ONLY item.
Ficus Bonsai Large | Drum Pot | 245
Large Ficus Bonsai Tree planted in a lovely drum pot, approximately 57cm tall. Ideal for indoors.
Ficus Bonsai | Large
Gorgeous Ficus Bonsai Tree with fantastic aerial roots , approximately 48-50cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot. Great for beginners.
ficus bonsai tree
Lovely Ficus Bonsai Tree, approximately 48-49cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot. Great for beginners and easy to care for.